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this dangerous heat. bob turk and meteorologist tim williams is here with the look at the rising temperatures. >> as you saw, the air is dirty. by the way, it's poor air quality. unhealthy air quality. if you have any issues at all, get inside air conditioning. take a look at temperatures now. at last report, we still came in at 105 at the airport. that ties the all-time record. 100 in elkton. 88 in oakland. but the dew point at 70 degrees means when you combine those two numbers, it feels like 114 degrees on your skin. 120 in elkton. 101 in cumberland. and 118 on the boardwalk. easton at 123 degrees. now, let's talk about the records. both the city and the airport have tied the all-time records. for city, this hasn't been done since 1936. the airport, 105. that's happened two other times. so we have tied these all-time records. it is possible between now and
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6:00, that some of those have even been broken. we'll check that for you. tim in the outback, looking at those warnings, with a look at some storms in the area. tim? >> reporter: definitely want to take a look at the watches and warnings. the most important one is the excessive heat warning in effect because that impacts the most amount of people, up and down the entire 95 corridor, from d.c. up into boston, really. we're looking at these excessive heat warnings. dangerously hot temperatures and conditions with the dew points. and that is not only for humans. it's for animals. keep everyone hydrated. keep in the shade, stay in air conditioning if at all possible. the severe thunderstorm warnings we had around are widely scattered. and for a short time, these storms are popping up. they go away quickly. currently, we have one in montgomery county. and we have one if york county. until that the storm there moves away. they're moving at about 10 to 15 miles per hour. then they are gone. we should also mention that we have a code red air quality alert in effect for the entire area, until about 10:00
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tonight. all of our warnings are in effect until about 10:00 tonight. so we want to urge you again to stay safe, stay hydrated, stay out of the sun if you can. check on your neighbors. and definitely stay out of the sun if you can. we'll start to lose the heat of the day, around 8:30, that's when the sun goes down. we'll have your complete updated first warning forecast. bob will have it in a moment. first warning weather coverage continues with mike hellgren. he's live with a look at how bge keeps up with the demand for electricity on dangerously hot days like today. mike? >> reporter: mary, even though there's record-breaking heat, there's not record-breaking usage. those of you who signed up for the peak rewards program are having your air conditioning compressors turned off through late this afternoon. many people have come here to the pool to try to stay cool. >> reporter: a cocktail of heat and humidity is in gulf, maryland, a dangerous mix for anyone spending a significant amount of time outside. >> just like a hot bowl of pea
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soup. just nasty. i got all three air conditioners running in my apartment. that's where i'm going. i have some ice. i'm going to make some cocktails on ice. >> it not only stresses the body but the electrical grid. bge is inside the electrical control room. the number in the red is how many megawatts of power being used, more than 6500. it's 5500 on a typical summer day. >> the equipment by nature heats up when power is running through it. so when you add to it, more and more power that is running through those lines, and faster than the external temperatures, a lot of our tower lines are above ground and susceptible to the elements. >> reporter: marc train operators are monitoring the system for problems, after dozens of people were stranded in an unair conditioned train last summer. state police are monitoring for cars and several are keeping an eye on nursing homes, after several had problems last
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summer. the most problems are those of young age. the really young and really old. they don't have what healthy middle aged have to ward off the heat. >> reporter: the warnings are real. this roofer walked off. and another man collapsed in the heat in the street. pets also faced heat exhaustion in the sweltering sun. >> you try to get him out and back as quickly as you can. get shade and get him back in and get him some water. >> reporter: and big electricity users like the university of maryland baltimore are being asked to cut down on their electricity usage. and health officials are also making door-to-door visits to the elderly. reporting live from druid hill park, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> and be sure to stay with wjz and for the latest on the record-breaking heat. just the first warning weather forecast, 24 hours a day on our website. our other big story today,
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president obama comes to maryland to make his case to raise the debt limit. wjz has complete coverage of the president's visit. vic carter spent the day in college park. and jessica kartalija has more from the college campus. he has the president's message as the deal creeps closer. good afternoon, vic. >> hi, kai. the president came with a lot already. he's managing wars and conflict in iraq, afghanistan, and libya. and here's at home -- here at home, he's locked into the battle every on the debt ceiling and adding to the budget. after that, he came directly to hear from voters and their concerns and how they run their daily lives. >> hello, maryland! [ cheering ] >> hello! >> reporter: mr. obama received a warm welcome here at ritchie coliseum, acknowledging that even the president is affected by the heat. >> i see some smart folks up there wore shorts. my team said i should not wear shorts. [ laughter ] my legs aren't good enough to
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wear shorts. [ laughter ] >> reporter: but then it was down to business as the president talked about the looming financial crisis facing the country. >> the first thing i wake up when i -- think about when i wake up in the morning, the last thing i think about when i go to bed at night. and i won't be satisfied until every american who wants a job can find one, and until workers are getting paychecks that actually pay the bills. >> reporter: then came the questions, ranging from issues of jobs, education, strengthening neighborhoods to the education of politicians on capitol hill. some who refused to compromise. >> do we not use compromise anymore? and what should i teach my students about how our government works? if people are saying out loud, we're not going to compromise with the other party. >> i think you should keep teaching your students to compromise. because that's not just how government works, that's how life works. >> reporter: just as the president was leaving, i asked students whether they thought the president gave answers to questions that affect them. >> he's really inspired me.
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he showed me that something good is going to happen in the world. >> obviously, it's easy to get cynical and kind of down about the future of america, but hearing him speak today, i'm very inspired, very hope- filled. >> reporter: so as you can see, everyone who is here had a specific concern. they wished they could have addressed the president. he wasn't obviously able to address all of the questions out there. but he did get to quite a few. and there was no shortage of reaction to the president's visit. jessica kartalija is here. she talked with a number of students here. and others who were watching today. >> that's exactly right. we all asked him what we would give him if -- ask him if given the opportunity. and we spoke to so many who said they were just excited to hear him speak and hear what he had to say, regardless of how they felt about his policies. >> reporter: the line stretched outside the ritchie coliseum, as folks eagerly awaited the arrival of the president. >> well, it's really special. you don't get to see the president of the united states every day.
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so being on campus and seeing our president of the united states makes me proud. >> any time you get to see the opportunity to see the first african american president, is amazing. i can't pass up the opportunity. >> reporter: the president arrived to talk to an intimate group of 1,000. >> i liked his plan on the debt ceiling. i think he's got a good strategy moving forward. and i hope it works. >> i thought it was interesting the viewpoint that he had to realize that things were already shut down. so the timing needs to be rebuilt. >> i thought he did really well. like i haven't been the biggest supporter of obama. but everything he said made a lot of sense, basically. >> i don't always agree with what obama tries to do. but i think he's a very smart man. and he's almost always on the right track with these local issues, definitely. >> reporter: and of course, that was the president's motorcade, as he left. he spoke for just over an hour here today. and everyone we spoke with afterwards said they were so
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pleased by just how personal he was. how he really seemed to take an interest in the local issues. >> and of course, this is how he shines before the election. >> right. >> and something he was able to carry throughout his administration here. and probably see a lot more of it as he hits the campaign trail in the next year or so. >> right. >> thank you, jessica. we'll have more reaction from the president's visit here from the university of maryland college park coming up as we continue throughout the evening. for now, we send it back to you on television hill. >> thank you. stepping into the gay marriage debate. governor o'malley says he will sponsor a bill to legalize same- sex marriage in maryland. a similar bill passed but got tied up in the senate. you'll hear from opponents of the bill at 6:00. back in court, the baltimore police officer, accused of selling drugs from a police precinct parking lot goes before a judge. monique griego explains why the judge won't be getting out any
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time soon. >> reporter: baltimore police officer daniel redd was the mastermind behind a major heroin ring that shipped drugs from africa. redd is accused of selling heroin while in uniform in the parking lot of the northwest police station, while he was on duty. the fbi arrested him there on tuesday. the results of an fbi investigation, prompted by the city police. >> we just can't give quarter to corruption. we can't and won't. >> reporter: since then, redd has been sitting in jail. and today, we've learned that's why he'll stay. at -- where he'll stay. at a briefing this morning at the courthouse, redd's defense attorney decided not to fight to have him released. prosecutors called redd dangerous and a flight risk. >> reporter: afterwards, we spoke with a woman who identified herself as redd's best friend, she didn't want to talk about the case, only saying she was keeping him in her prayers. >> reporter: redd's family did not want to comment.
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however, they are speaking out on corrupt cops, saying show no one is above the law. >> we hope it sends a powerful message, that if you carry a gun, and you break the law, you'll face a long sentence. >> reporter: redd does face a hearing if he asks to be released. nfl lockout. right now, the ball is in the players' hands. >> well, mary, today brings pause to the process. the players say they will have no statement today as they and the rest of the league pay respect to myra craft, the late wife of robert kraft. hir funeral was held today in the boston area, with both sides attending the service. each gathered. they went over the rules of how
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to proceed with free agent signings and general personnel moves over the collective bargaining agreement. but transactions are not allowed until this agreement is ratified by the players. it is something not expected to happen today but could come on monday. >> they want to make sure the details are right. we'll hear from ravens' dawn tay stalworth later. one preseason game has already been canceled because of the lockout. it's widely believed that if training camps don't start up by wednesday, more games could be canceled. still ahead at 5:00. blown to pieces. a bomb blast. the target and the frightening twist after the explosion. a man accused of shooting a police officer appears in court. i'm meghan mccorkell with what
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he allegedly said after the shooting. and sizzling temperatures. problems caused by the heat wave. >> when will they finally get a break from the triple-digit temperatures in the first warning forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ♪ [ rock ]
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[ man ] ♪ she got it, you got it ♪ i got it, we got it [ groans ] ♪ who's got it see you later. ♪ yeah! ♪ come on, she got it you got it, we got it who's got it ♪ we're all different. that's why there are five new civics. the next-generation civic. only from honda. startling revelations about a man accused of shooting a boston police officer. meghan mccorkell was the only one there which shea jordan appeared before the judge. >> reporter: shea jordan was the only one there.
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proskite -- prosecuting documents would show that someone was there. when she looked out the window, she said she saw jordan dismantling a rifle like this one. >> because it was such a big gun, he would have wiped us all out. >> nobody should be shooting at an officer. >> afterwards, the witness said jordan told her, is it bad i don't feel bad afterward? >> it's a miracle that our officer was not more seriously injured. >> reporter: tonight, the 20- year-old faces 11 charges, including first-degree attempted murder. second-degree attempted murder. first-degree assault. and second-degree assault. wjz dug into jordan's background. he served two years at fort riley before he was honorably discharged. >> most recently, we learned jordan worked here as a security guard the past month. >> jordon received
5:18 pm
psychological treatment this year. >> reporter: and jordan will be held without bail until his trial. he has been placed on suicide watch. mary? >> wow, lots of developments in that story, meghan. the officer was treated and released from shock trauma. he is expected to be okay. let's check on the roads with kristy breslin at wjz traffic control. hi, kristy. >> hi, kai. hi, everyone. couple of delays out there for 95. first delay, we have congestion there from dundalk avenue to the beltway. we also have congestion from 32 to 75. 15 minutes still on the west side inner loop, from baltimore national pike. north side inner loop also slows down there from perring parkway to harford road. and accident at the hickoriy bypass. still closed between americana circle and marley street accident. taking a look on the inner loop, from 83 to 95.
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not a bad drive there. let's now take a live look. you can see brake lights there, 50 eastbound at sandy point, as you approach the bay bridge. this traffic report is brought to you by subway. come in and try the unforgettably delicious pulled pork sub. only at subway, eat fresh. back to you. >> kristy, thank you. an unfolding international drama, involving a maryland man. alan gross is making a plea. he made an appeal to be set free. >> alan gross went from life in maryland to life in prison in cuba after an aide worker there accused him television being -- of being a spy. he was sentenced to 15 years in prison. they accused gross of bringing satellite and computer equipment into the country illegally.
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>> alan has done nothing wrong. i need him home. >> reporter: officials at the u.s. consulate are in caha vanna now with alan, and while they hold little hope his conviction will be thrown out, they say he could be released on humanitarian grounds. >> alan gross has lost 27 pounds, his daughter has been diagnosed with breast cancer, his his mother is dying. >> former president jimmy carter traveled to cube apressuring them to release gross. >> he still seems to be in good spirits. he obviously professes his innocence, as he did in his trials. >> reporter: it is not clear when the cuban high court might issue a ruling following today's hearing. typically, it issues decision within a couple of weeks. maryland state police will soon have a new top cop. colonel sheridan announced
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today he is retiring as the top cop. in all, he spent four days on the job. marcus brown will replace him. brown takes over august 1st. >> bob is back. we're talking about this record temperature. >> record-tying heat in both reporting stations. and lots of records set in the east today, just amazing. take a look at the numbers. this is not a typo, folks. this is the real deal. 105 degrees at 5:00 at the airport. 106 in the city. dew point, 70 degrees. humidity, 32%. winds northwest at 6. barometer holding steady. come back and take a look at a hot weekend. but not quoit as bad as -- not quite as bad as today. right after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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hello, everyone. i'm vic carter, live at college park. and i'll tell you, on days like today, bob turk has a smile on his face.
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we break records. let's check to see how hot it got and how long it will last. >> i can't believe the guy is even sweating. >> get in shape. get in the air conditioning. take a look at temps right now. as i mentioned a minute ago, we have tied the all-time high. 105 right now. 100 in iefton, 98. even in ocean city, with the water only around 71 degrees. but just to the west of the boardwalk. a 78 in hagerstown. d.c. at 101. feels like 119 on the boardwalk. 124 in easton. 120 in elkton. we dropped, actually, to 114. because that dew point came down.
5:26 pm
only 80 in hagerstown. and 92 out in oakland. ridiculous temperatures. hasn't been this hot in the city for 75 years. that's how bad this is. >> boston, 102. nantucket, surrounded by the cold of atlantic ocean, it's only 77 degrees. 88 in minneapolis. 99, kc, chicago, and thundershower activity here is cool. generally in the mid- to upper 90s. dallas at 101, 99. phoenix, arizona. thunderstorms, monsoon season started there. normally, 100 degrees. not too bad for phoenix. miami is 91. thunderstorms in south florida. pretty typical. a few spots cool down. york county had a couple of d.c. around 102. and you see them cropped up quickly. tomorrow afternoon, maybe another shot at a shower ore
5:27 pm
thundershower hopefully. front will approach us on the northwest. and eventually, another front will cool us down. in the meantime, continuous, hot, stifling, humid, ridiculous temperatures tomorrow, near 100. a little cooler on sunday. and a bit cooler again on monday. that's good news. southwest winds at 5 knots. tonight, there may be a shower. i think that threat is pretty much gone. 80 by morning tomorrow. 100 degrees won't break a record. but maybe a thunderstorm in the afternoon. heading down to the beach. that would be a pretty good place. low to mid-90s. upper 80s to 90s. water temperature, 71 degrees. it feels really good. >> people are in it for sure. thanks, bob. still ahead at 5:00. terror in norway. the two frightening attacks that have sheaken the country-- shaken the country's sense of security. >> these women are low-life people to me. and it's really not worth it to
5:28 pm
do that. >> bandits are steal hundreds of dollars worth of alcohol. protesting wal-mart. the unique way some marylanders showed their displeasure with the ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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how do i take on tough back pain? i use the power of nature. [ male announcer ] introducing icy hot naturals with natural menthol. that gets icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away fast. new icy hot naturals. it's 5:30. a dangerous 105 degrees and extremely hot here in central maryland. good evening. thank you for staying with eyewitness news. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. hot, hot, and did we mention it's hot? we are sweating it out as
5:31 pm
temperatures top 100 degrees. and it really feels hotter out there. the best thing to do is really stay inside if you can, folks are or -- or be in the pool or here in the water as you see those folks doing right now. the thermometer is soaring to record new highs. >> it is absolutely brutal out there, even if you step outside just for a second or two. and we didn't just set a record for today. it ties the hottest day ever in baltimore. bob turk and meteorologist tim williams are here with a look at the sizzling first warning weather forecast. bob. >> that's true. hasn't been this hot in the city since 1936. and it tied the record at the airport with a temperature of, well, take a look right now. still 105 degrees at last report. 101 in d.c. 100 in easton, elkton. 88 in oakland. up in the mountains, it's still pretty warm for the mountains and 93, cumberland. here are some thunderstorms to cool them down out there. dew point did drop to 70. but take a look at the heat
5:32 pm
index. still 114 degrees. 124 in easton by the water there. and 119 in ocean city. just totally ridiculous. take a look at these temperatures once again. both the temperatures in the city were tied this afternoon. city, 107 degrees. that's the all-time high for both areas. the city, like i said, hasn't been this hot for 75 years. pretty amazing stuff. now, tim is in the outback once again, a look at the warnings and more information. but temperatures around the east. >> well, we are far away from being out of these warnings for the day. the excessive heat warning is by far, the most dangerous of any we've had. because it takes into account the heat, the humidity, the dew point. breathing and any respiratory problem you may have are going to be impacted and affected by this warning. that is in effect until 10:00 p.m. tonight. also, a code red air quality
5:33 pm
alert in effect until 8:00 tonight as well. the sun goes down right about there. we are not in this alone. all the way up into bangor, maine, up into burlington, vermont. temperatures in the mid90s. look at portland, 99 degrees. and we're even to 93 off the great lakes, over toward buffalo and syracuse. up and down the 95 corridor are where these temperatures soaring. and it will feel this way again tomorrow. records will feel probably safe tomorrow. the records are a little higher than 100 degrees. but it's going to feel like 105 to 110, up and down that 95 corridor. and we're talking well past new york, and down past d.c., into the carolinas. we'll keep you posted. we want to keep reminding you to stay hydrated, stay in the ac if you can. at least for one more day. bob will have the updated five- day forecast coming up. >> thank you for that advice. and we will definitely heed it. if you are looking for a place to beat the heat, you can head
5:34 pm
to the pool. large park pools will close at 8:00. and the local pools will close at 6:00. to see all of the pool hours, go to, and click on links and number. bad news today for maryland's economy. the unemployment rate is heading in the wrong direction. june's unemployment rate jumped to 7% in the state. that is a fraction higher than in may. but we are still well below the national unemployment rate, which is hovering above 9%. the economy comes -- with president obama, comes to maryland. >> reporter: kai, of course any time the president comes to baltimore or to anywhere in the state of maryland, you can expect a number of local it&state politicians to be here as well. today was no different. and of course, today they came here with a number of things on their mind, as the president did. of course, they're concerned
5:35 pm
about the budget battle being waged here on capitol hill. one of the people we talked with is right in the middle of it all. here now is senator ben cardin. >> you've got to be willing to put everything on the table. you've got to have a balance the approach, dealing with our economy so we can create the jobs that are needed as people look for work. >> reporter: and of course, there is an august 2nd deadline, which ben cardin is well aware of, as is anyone else on capitol hill right now. we get an update on where things stand now, with danielle nottingham, reporting for wjz from capitol hill. president obama assured voters, he's not the one holding up a deal on raising the debt ceiling. >> i'm willing to sign a plan that includes tough choices i would not normally make. >> reporter: the president has been try for weeks to reach an agreement with democrats and republicans. but the two have deadlocked. he pushed lawmakers to move quickly.
5:36 pm
he vowed the government will not miss the august 2nd deadline but made it clear any long-term deficit deal has to include tax revenue. >> the wealthiest americans and biggest corporations should do their part as well. >> reporter: with the deadline looming, the president has been speaking with house speaker john boehner about a proposal that would/slash $3 trillion from the deficit. but neither are close to a deal. >> it would cut medicare, medicaid, social security. it would require them to rework it. but including tax revenue remains a hard sell to republicans. >> mr. president, there is a huge gulf between washington, d.c. and the average american. they look to washington and see politicians who can't stop spending money. >> reporter: the senate rejected the tea party backed cut caps and balance. harry reid said he won't offer
5:37 pm
up any more proposals. but the house and senate will be in until monday. increasing pressure for them to broker a deal behind the scenes. danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news remember. >> and coming up, we'll have much more on the president's visit here to the university of maryland. i'm vic carter in college park, now, back to you on television hill. >> without a deal on the debt ceiling. treasury department officials say the government will start running out of money, august 2nd. >> the president making news after the return to the white house. he has formally repealed the ban on gays serving openly in the military. the controversial policy has been in effect the last 17 years. the repeal will take effect in the next 60 days. a gunman opens fire at a youth camp in oslo, hours after a car bomb rips through. at least seven people are confirmed dead in the terror takens. -- attacks.
5:38 pm
>> reporter: chaos in the streets of oslo, after a powerful explosion tore into government offices and surrounding buildings. flames poured out of buildings. shattered glass and twisted metal littered the square below. police expected the number of dead to rise, as they searched the area for victims. the blast tore through the offices of the prime minister and his administration. but he wasn't there and was unharmed. another terror attack gripped the normally peaceful country. on an island outside of oslo, a man dressed as a police officer, opened fire at a labor party youth camp. several people were wounded. >> i saw a lot of people running and screaming. so i ran to the nearest building. >> reporter: police believe the two attacks are linked. at the white house, president obama offered u.s. support. >> it's a reminder that the entire national community has a stake in preventing this kind
5:39 pm
of terror from occurring. >> reporter: the being is the nation's worst since world war ii. so far, no one has claimed responsibility. manuel gallegus, wjz eyewitness news. >> a suspect in the camp shooting has been arrested. new allegations tonight in britain's phone hacking scandal. it centers around the son of newscorps ceo rupert murdoch. two say they told murdoch, the eavesdropping practice was widespread. james murdoch recently told parliament he was only aware of one doing it. prime minister david cameron called for them to ask more questions. a fiery morning crash, involving a tour bus and a tractor-trailer, closes down parts of the threw way. police say they were trying to reenter the highway when it was hit from behind. the driver was rig and more than 30 people on the bus were taken to the hospital. two of them are in critical condition. a bizarre robbery is caught on video, at a florida liquor
5:40 pm
store. watch as these two women shove bottles of wine and liquor under their skirts. owners say this is the second time these two women have stolen liquor from the store in this way. time for a quick look at some of the stories that you'll find in tomorrow morning's edition of the baltimore sun. reports from the dew tour in ocean city, where ironically, skateboarding is against the law. catching up with michael phelps who is in china preparing for the weekend. and tips for making your backyard crab feast unforgettable. remember to look for the updated forecast from wjz first warning weather team. shoppers found a protesting flash mob. ♪ [ music ] the retail activist group called respect d.c. was railing against the store's planned
5:41 pm
expansion into washington. wal-mart is scheduled to open four stores in d.c. neighborhoods. the group says each community should be allowed to decide if a wal-mart is appropriate for their community. >> never new flash mobs did protests as as well. >> i didn't either. >> i've only seen them on tv. >> same here. >> all right. don't miss the cbs evening news. here's one of the stories they're working on. as the clock ticks down to america's debt default, 55 million americans who rely on social security worry they won't be able to pay their bills on august 3rd. and it's not just the elderly who are at risk. i'm michelle miller. that story tonight on the cbs evening news with scott pelley. and still to come tonight on we'll's eyewitness news. -- wjz eyewitness news. it is a day for the record books, as most of the country bakes in oppressive heat, the areas hit hardest by the brutal heat wave. i'm ron matz at dundalk. and it's time for the third annual trauma teddy bear run.
5:42 pm
how you can join the ride. the story coming up here on wjz. bob turk. first warning weather center. cooler by monday. i'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast. here's today's report from wall street. ,,,, [ child's voice ] ooh, that looks good. [ child's voice ] can i have some? [ child's voice ] you guys should rock, paper, scissors for it. ok. [ chuckles ] best of three? sure.
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a brutal heat wave is blanketing much of the country. and stressing the power supplies. >> reporter: the oppressive heat and humidity has people doing whatever they can to cool off. >> it's pretty hot. water. and go in the water every few minutes. >> reporter: new york city hit 100 degrees in the morning. >> you almost have to keep moving to get some kind of breeze. >> i don't want mind the heat. but this is a little too hot for me. >> and just imagine wearing a fur coat in this heat. >> try to keep them hydrated. just as much as me. >> reporter: everyone is cranking up the air conditioning. and that's taxiing the power supply. there have been scattered brownouts in the city. >> we've had power outages before. we know what it's like. >> reporter: and a lot more
5:46 pm
people are visiting the emergency room. >> people at the extremes of age. the really young, the really old. that's because they don't have the compensatory mechanisms that healthy middle-aged people have to ward off the heat. >> reporter: even here on the beach, at coney island, people are struggling to keep their cool. >> it was already 100. i just heard on the radio. >> reporter: splashing around in the ocean helps. so does a frozen treat. >> with my head under the drink. and drink a nice, cold drink. and a nice lemon ice. >> reporter: and the heat wave is going to stick around for the weekend. in coney island, new york. carey eterrer, wjz eyewitness news. >> and we tied a record high today in baltimore. let's check in with bob turk and meteorologist tim williams for a look at what's in store tonight and the rest of the weekend. >> take a look at these numbers. this ties the all all-time high for the airport. 105 degrees. 88, oakland. 98, ocean city. and once again, with the heat
5:47 pm
index at 114 degrees, dangerous heat. a dangerous afternoon. now, tomorrow, it won't be quite as hot. we expect to get up to maybe 100. record tomorrow is 102. and there is a possibility of a scattered thunderstorm again tomorrow afternoon, better chance on sunday. tim has a look at that five-day forecast. tim? >> well, we'll start to see a little relief. but it is just a little relief. we'll dump the triple digits. but we'll stay in the 90s for much of the next five days. 96 sunday. 92 on monday. 91 on tuesday. 92 on wednesday. and keep in mind, the overnight lows are still going to be down in the 70s. now, your energy saver tip for the day is for all of those folks racing to get to the pools and the shore and the beaches this weekend. don't put the pedal to the medal. aggressive driving wastes gas. it can lower your gas and highway mileage for 33% for the highway. and 5% in the city. so slow it down.
5:48 pm
maybe just stay home. don't even go to the ocean this weekend. just stay in under the fan. now, for more on how you can become an energy saver, go to, scroll down the right- hand side of the page, and click on our special section. back inside. >> tim, thank you very much. hopping on motorcycles to help ease the pain of children and senior citizens. ron matz shows us how you can be part of the third trauma teddy bear run. >> teddy bears and bikers. they're a great combination. tomorrow, they gather for the third annual teddy bear run. the stuffed animals are collected and given to police and local fire departments to bring a smile to a child. >> they carry them in emergency vehicles. and when they go on a call, and children are traumatized, they hand that child's stuffed animal to come to them. >> reporter: seniors get them, too. princess delivered some last year. >> tell me what you did last year. >> well, we went to the elderly
5:49 pm
people, the seniors and got them teddy bears. >> reporter: it starts at american legion post 38, in dundalk. >> got a lot of volunteers coming in. a lot of veterans. refreshment foods, stuff like that tomorrow. >> gotta make you feel good. >> it makes me feel real good. >> reporter: after the ride, you can party for just $20. >> we have this going at 4:00. three events. vendors, food, good stuff. >> it's a party. >> it's a big party. >> reporter: in the first two years, the sisters of chrome have collected 5,000 teddy bears for the cause. >> back river neck methodist church donated 200 of them last year. we get them from the public. >> reporter: easing the pain, one teddy bear at a time. ron matz, wjz eyewitness news. >> tomorrow's ride begins at 10:00 a.m. to find out how to donate, log
5:50 pm
onto our website, and click on the newstab. check in with eyewitness news at 6:00. adam is in the newsroom for us. same-sex marriage in maryland. governor o'malley says he is now going to push for a bill to make it legal. we'll take you inside the bill, look at the hurdles that still lie ahead for it. also, the chaos in norway. wjz following the developments as terrorists strike -- terrorists strike the normally-peaceful city of oslo. that's coming up at 6:00. >> thank you, adam. the public has a chance to relive the royal wedding experience. kate middle 21 -- middleton's wedding dress is on display at buckingham palace. visitors can see the tiara, shoes and diamond rings she wore on the wedding day. a replica of the wedding case will also be shown. >> that would be cool. >> nice to get a slice of one.
5:51 pm
still ahead on eyewitness news. the nfl remains in limbo, during the lockout. the next move is up to the players. >> mark has the latest on when we can expect the players on field coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
doctors are calling it a stalking trend. a sexually transmitted disease is causing a cancer epidemic. the virus is causing more problems in otherwise healthy young men. hpv also causes cervical cancer in women. the virus can lie dormant for years before possibly developing into a cancer. also in healthwatch tonight, a swedish study suggests a test of a newborn's heart and lung function. the test is given minutes after the baby is born. an outside researcher disputes the finding, saying a low score likely means a more immediate problem. and still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. >> record-breaking heat. i'm mike hellgren, at the druid hill park pool with all you need to know to ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
we could be in for a record day of heat. >> how hot will it get? >> extensive first warning weather coverage coming up. president obama hosts a town hall meeting here in maryland on the campus of college park. dealing directly with the debt and deficit. i'm vic carter. complete coverage is coming up.
5:58 pm
hi, everybody. i'm mary bubala. >> and i'm adam may. vic will join us in a moment. we are expecting breaking news on that front as well. but first, you know what people are talking about right now. >> yeah, the northeast is wilting under an intense heat wave. and maryland is right in the middle of triple-digit attacks. but that doesn't mean work stopped. they had to clear the woods area, using an industrial fan to try on to cool them off. i doubt that helped. but we found this woman at the inner harbor today, using a magazine to fan herself. she was also frequently hydrating with water. and the sizzling temperatures
5:59 pm
are also causing trouble on the track. marc train is slowing down, which is causing delays tonight. and the first warning weather team is tracking the rising temperatures. tim williams is sweating it out in the outback. sorry, tim, we'll get to you in just a second. >> all right. you mentioned, yes, we've had record-breaking temperatures all across the east in our region as well. take a look at our numbers. and these may not be updated yet. 105 is the last report. hagerstown, 78. 98, ocean city. dew point, still at 70. mines 105 on -- means 105 on your skin. feels like 114 degrees. elkton, feels like 116. easton, 124 degrees is what it feels like when you walk outside. coolest spot, oakland, at 89 degrees. let's take a look at the records once again. we've tied both records at the

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